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Category: Photography

10 Days Alone

Between the sun and moon   there is a field an inch square which is the heavenly heart   the dwelling of light,   the golden flower.  Liao Dynasty (China 907-1125) I just returned home from the most glorious time … Continue Reading 10 Days Alone

Laughing at God

The entertainment committee is busy assembling a multi-talented coterie of artists and musicans for opening night. (as you might have guessed, all nights are opening night). Lissa and our other Pink friends over at the Owning Pink luxury resort asked their readers to … Continue Reading Laughing at God

The Big View

Been thinking about past lives…the hotel is full of them. {at one time there was a website that helped you with this. It is no longer in existence. Our apologies for the inconvenience. –Hotel Management, 2016 } I was a male … Continue Reading The Big View