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Windows: A Loaded Assignment

Gallery 31 {The Closed Window}

52 photos project theme was closed windows: “Try a portrait without showing the face of your subject. And with this, try to show the expressions, emotions, feelings and the personality of the moment.”

My daughter studying was the moment. I didn’t expect the reading material. Wish it had been on my table during college. It took me 51 years to open that book. Thank goodness the hotel serves excellent coffee.

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    • Hi, Bella. Yes, I’m back in the game and so glad to be here. You and your followers are so inspiring. Unfortunately it took me most of the day to figure out how to make links and peeps and tweets but it was a slow, quiet post holiday sunday in the hotel. Perfect for virtual play. Look forward to exploring Photo Land with you and yours. thank you again. xoxox p


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