patricia ChristakosFishing, self portrait, ©Patricia Christakos, 2013


an imaginary hotel 1. an extended metaphor created by Patricia Christakos to showcase art and creativity, most of it her own; 2. an imaginary place designed to inspire and amuse travelers over a certain age. 3. something to say when people ask you where you work, acts as a conversation starter or ender. 4. a sketch book/ visual commonplace book/photography blog that helps the author remember and decide what she thinks 


The Half Century Mark Hotel was created in 2009 in celebration of three friends and their 50th birthdays. Said trio sought an activity worthy of such an important milestone. They considered various endeavors–hiking High Peaks, seeking spiritual mediums, even wrapping in mud–but couldn’t decide on the right venue. Finally the author proposed the creation of a virtual retreat. With the words, Let’s pretend the Half Century Mark Hotel was born.

However it soon became clear that the Hotel was destined to be a sole proprietorship. For the Half Century Mark Hotel is truly Patricia’s story, a chronicle of her thoughts and experiences as she emerges as a photographer and writer. The HCMH is designed as a personal memory theater, of sorts, illustrated and arranged to help the author remember and reflect upon her life’s dreams and details, from the pedestrian (Susan’s Socks) to the ridiculous (Yoko Me).
As you wander through past Hotel history, you may notice that the author’s pronouns and identity wanders–from I  (2009) to we  (2012) to your concierge (2016)* to Madame (never really used but sounds appealing).  

But no worries. All you really need to know to understand the Half Century Mark Hotel is that the primary intent here is to amuse and delight the hotel’s author/creator, Your Concierge. She takes this responsibility seriously though her precise job description remains obscure and delectably malleable. Should, however, the pictures and stories on display inspire you to stay awhile, maybe even create an imaginary Hotel of your own, all will be well in the world. Ready? Let’s pretend.

“If my hotel was real, I would fill it with the people, places, art, words and dreams that I post here, some of them my own. I hope your visit to The Half Century Mark Hotel provides inspiration, restoration or whatever it is that you are seeking. Happy Travels.”

~ Your Concierge

Management realizes that your isn’t used as a pronoun at the Hotel anymore but as a possessive adjective modifying the noun concierge, details which go beyond the scope and brain of the HCMH
What’s An Imaginary Hotel was written in 2012 and will continue to be revised many times. It’s that kind of place.