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The Academy

“I would like to learn. Could you tell me how to grow, or is it unconveyed, like melody or witchcraft?” — Letter from Emily Dickinson to Thomas Wentworth Higginson,  April 26, 1862

The Academy features a listing of some of the gifted artists, educational institutions, and creative enterprises that have inspired the owners and managers of the Half Century Mark Hotel through the years.

 Arielle Greenberg

Maine Media Workshops and College

Cig Harvey

Amanda Smith, A Smith Gallery 

Clare O’Neill

Crusade for Art / Jennifer Schwartz 

Elizabeth Opalenik

Fraction Magazine / David Bram

Gabrielle Roth/5Rhythms

Jamie Ridler 

Jim Austin

Julia Cameron

Laura Valenti 


Light Work 

Madelyn Mulvaney 

Michael Wilson


Sean Kernan

Vivienne McMaster

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