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gallery 30 {ILLUMINATE}

This week’s 52 photos project theme is illuminate. i decided to practice with my speedlights and some great new lamps. (I’m offering family studio portraits next week as christmas gifts). However play time didn’t go so well. It was kinda self-portrait hell and I was Goldilocks, or probably her granny, in pre-wolf days or am i mixing my tales? Anyway, all my shots were either too bright, too dark, too shadowing, not shadowy enough, too wrinkly or too wrinkly. The only thing I was illuminating was my complete incompetence as a photographer. How will I ever document a family of nine if I can’t get myself right?  And then i looked out the window…portrait done.

Hope my families are the creative types. If not, I might be in trouble. Here’s hoping some big sunbeams of wisdom shine down on me and guide me and my speedlights. Hope some  rays shine down on you too, gentle visitor, illuminating whatever needs illuminating in your path.

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