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Dear Diary: About the Tulips

Sometimes Hotel guests leave their diaries open. Although privacy is sacred at this stage of life, the management believes that the best way to navigate your stay at the Half Century Mark and Beyond (our sister property) is to share our truths. It is in this spirit that we offer the following. 

Dear Diary,

For the month of February I’ve been taking a wonderful class with photographer Catherine Just. Catherine’s classes have a way of working on my insides as well my skills. Toward the end of the workshop, I stumbled upon the idea of a Self as Flower project. So I started sketching.

Here’s me as Prickly Blue

Prickly Blues

Dancing Bud


All then came Tulip Me.  And everything changed.

Tulip Me

To me the other photos, with some edits, had some measure of lovely in them as in lovely creepy but the human side of Tulip Me offered little lovely. Even its title felt flat. I came to the realization that my tulip days were over.

To be a tulip requires softness, movement and a young or partially obscured neck. What to do dear diary?

Although I began to get quite depressed, I reached for my iPad and quickly applied filtering layers like warm compresses to my soul and quote a dear photography teacher / friend of mine, “I am a tulip, damn it.”

photo (3)The tulips have been placed in the freezer and asked to join me in the aging process. Should they cooperate in an interesting manner, we may try our diptych again. I will report back on their response.

ps Diary. Remind me to tell people about Catherine’s classes @ They are so wonderful and she does not require you to become a tulip. Should you attempt it however, she is there for you. Remind also to tell you about the abstracts I created during her class. They are definitely Hotel lobby material.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you and was going to send you a message to see how you were:) I see you are doing well. Love the images…..especially Dancing Bud. But also lOVE your final tulip image. Way to go…..keep at it.


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  2. I am blown away at this series. What a beautiful, powerful revelation to view and interpret yourself in self portraiture as a flower. Your photos are so gorgeous. What amazing work here. xoxo


  3. just came over from mandy’s post (attualmente) – what a lovely space you have here and your tulip photo is wonderful. thank you for the visit and the inspiration!


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