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The Net

“Two things make a story. The net and the air that falls through the net.” — Pablo Neruda

Dear Friends,

The Caretaker is on a busman’s holiday, checking in on earthly properties while searching for adventure and inspiration by the sea. The flora and fauna are cooperating:

snowy egret

seed head

But it’s the people and their stories that inspire the Caretaker the most, including her own.


Will return to earth, soon. With love and wonderment,

the Caretaker

ps Still puzzling out Pablo’s words. What do you think he means? In photography, it could refer to the part of the image that you do not record that becomes the story and etched in memory. she swimsIn the photo above, it’s the beautiful young woman and her sturdy partner, who was helping her to swim, that was the real story. To think that sometimes the water feels too cold for some guests, Caretaker included.

As always the Hotel hopes to honor, not invade, people’s stories with its lens.

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  1. Hi Patricia, I’ve been meaning to email you but was in the studio day and night getting ready for a show last week.

    The images in this post are amazing. I really like the one of the net and the flower/weed…..but the wheelchair image is amazing…..well done.



    Clare O’Neill PhotoEncaustic Artist + Creative Entrepreneur 599 Laurel Ave, #6 | St. Paul, MN 55102 651.312.0113


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    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Clare. Been meaning to write you. So love my new Clare O’Neill print. Considered giving it as a gift but I think the Irish Gentleman will be living with me for awhile!


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