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Revolution 2.0

An amazing day for Egypt and the world: The 2.0 Revolution. The hotel is a buzz. You may wonder why a news video was hung in the hotel’s lobby. You may wonder why a virtual hotel has a lobby. you may wonder what is a virtual hotel….all stories for other days.

The video (made and posted on You tube by NikkiCourtney)tells the story of Google exec Wael Ghonim and his place in Egyptian history. His story challenges us to open our hearts, to change, to youth, to freedom, to engagement with the world, through technology, love and peaceful revolutions everywhere. Not sure about the heart and love part, I threw those in. But i do feel love for the people of Egypt. I was so worried for the families, so many parents brought their children to tahrir square. I prayed they would witness freedom and not pain.

Ghonim calls this The People’s Revolution; he does not want it to be about him. None the less, I am still following him on Twitter. You can too. BTW: You can also follow the Dali Lami. He has 1,341,871 followers. He follows, ready for this … no one. don’t you just love that?

tweet on !!

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