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Forest Romp

So in order to receive hefty discounts on room service, we’re encouraging all Hotel guests to join photographer/magician Vivienne Mcmaster in her quest to beautify the world one brave soul at a time. Vivienne will dance us through the wild forests of self portraiture. Does the idea of sharing you and your story produce feelings of Joy? Wonder? Terror? Tears? Could be time for some mid-century reframing. I’ve signed up to play with Vivienne. Won’t you join me? You are Your Own Muse! starts on Feb. 14. xoxoxox

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  1. Hey, Deb. thanks for visiting. Look forward to 'seeing' more of you. I so love your portraits. love the one introducing your photography. framed man on beach…wow. Would look nice in the midcentury mark lobby. what do you think? could i post it and you?! xoxox p.


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