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Permission Slips

Although slips may have fallen out of fashion in some circles, at the Half Century Mark they are celebrated. Prized as the thinking woman’s magic cloak, slips grant their owners permission to be layered, powerful, storied, elusive, beautiful or whatever state of grace you require. We suggest you acquire one or twelve.

Please note that permission slips do not grant invisibility. At the Half Century Mark we encourage guests to proclaim their unique earthly presence no matter how gossamer-edged it may be at times.

Meet some of my magic makers: picmonkey-collage

top row (left – right): Nellie Black, Zuzu ‘Petals’ Bailey, Dawn Smith, middle: Demi-Blu Moiety, Nellie Black, Dorothy Drapers, bottom: Dawn Smith, Pearl Moiety, Blanche Marvels

We are having such fun learning and recording the stories of the slips. We recently discovered that Nellie was named for a famous journalist and Zuzu for a famous film daughter. Demi-Blu and Pearl are two of the famous Moiety sisters. Dorothy always wanted to be a designer, and Blanche Marvels is one complicated lass. Dawn Smith still refuses to give her real name.

The Hotel will continue to share the stories and adventures of the slips as they become available. We believe that the sharing of stories is an essential permission-granting vehicle at the Half Century Mark. Even a mere slip can contain multitudes of amusement. (see pchristakos studio for more amusements.)

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  1. This is all so mysterious and brilliant that my ❤️ Is pounding for more tidbits about the “girls “. I am totally devoted to Dorothy and wait with great anticipation for her next adventure. Thank you,concierge. Lulu 💜

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