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How Things Work


Typical hotel particulars–King or Queen, side chair or sofa bed, garden view or cityscape–are of little consequence here. The Hotel exists purely as figments of the imagination, mine and yours. That is why when we are asked to provide accommodation photos, we gently remind inquirers that at the Half Century Mark everyone needs to be the creator and fluff-ers of their own down-cushioned domains.

However if you examine the words and pictures presented here, you’ll discover that clues to your concierge’s reality do present themselves on occasion. These are my rooms, my chairs, my particular truths revealed slightly through slants of light.


My chairs but not my teeth. Our guests leave the most curious items behind. The hotel loves curious items. Like Shakers and Rust.


Which brings us to Helen. “If you rest, you rust,” is the frequent refrain of hotel patron Helen Hayes. Helen, aka First Lady of American Theater, worked as an actress for more than 80 years. She published her memoirs: “My Life in Three Acts” at age 90. Although she died on March 17, 1993 at age 92, she can still be seen performing in her salon on the ninth floor. For more lovely words of inspiration, may we suggest the film Wisdom, by noted filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman.   

Listen for Helen’s friend journalist Michael Parkinson’s wise words early in the trailer: “It’s a play, isn’t it? You know you’ve got to get through the third act. And you’ve got to finish as strong as you began. And if that’s the proposition then… get to work.” solo-3Personal Share alert: This I consider Work–I pretend inanimate objects are people. Slipper chairs are saucy. Shakers, not so much. “You can’t get to wonderful without passing through alright.” –Bill Withers, Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman. Thank you Jamie Ridler for the Wisdom share.


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