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Posies to Poems

We have a new afternoon card game; it’s called Posies to Poems. It’s similar to Apples to Apples but it involves Flowers and Poems, no fruit. Some of our guests have taken to playing it with darts which was never the intent, but we aspire to maintain our flexibility at the Half Century Mark.

Posies to Poems features a sampling of photographs from the Hotel’s upcoming exhibition, Offerings: Posies for Emily and Other Dreamers. It requires participants to think like your Hotel concierge for a few delightful minutes and match photographs (posies #1- 9) to their inspiration (poets and poems a – i). answers given below.

Posies (1 – 9)

1.  Unfolding_ 2.Wondermint

3.sept_show-6    4.  me_

5.pal emily 6.violet

7. flower 8.  pledge  9. queen anne

Inspiration: Poems and Poets (a – i)

a) William Carlos Williams: “Each part | is a blossom under his touch”

b) Samuel Taylor Coleridge: “If a… [woman] could pass thro’ Paradise in a Dream”

c) Emily Dickinson: We – would rather | From Our Garret go | White…Than invest – our Snow”  

d) Wendy Videlock: They’ll remind you | that they aren’t | and they are you. 

e) Stanley Kunitz: “Light splashed this morning|on the shell-pink anemones”

f) Marta McDowell: “A Palimpsest…is Still – | Vaguely visible.”

g) Naomi Shihab Nye: Always stay rooted to somewhere.”

h) Rumi: “Unfold your own myth, | without complicated explanation”

i) Emily Dickinson: with | Ourselves | Have Etiquettes | Embarrassments | And awes”

Posies for Emily and Other Dreamers will be held April 24 - June 14, 2015. Weller Gallery,   
Fellows Riverside Garden, Youngstown, Ohio.  
Posies to Poems answers: 1-h, 2-c, 3-e, 4-i, 5-f, 6-g,7-d,8-b,9-a

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