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Summer Reflections and Confessions

meMaine Processing 

Confessions of an imaginary hotel owner: I love to tell people that I have an imaginary hotel. The conversation either ends immediately or suddenly becomes amusingly real. There is no middle ground when soul sharing. However your concierge is feeling guilty as the hotel hasn’t hung (posted) new work since April when Management decided a re-design was called for. I know there have been no new pictures (blog posts) on these imaginary walls for months. But rest assured that down long corridors of creativity there has been much activity: new work, teachers, inspiration and locales. Several artists have requested long-term residencies and a sister venture in Brazil has been proposed. Alert: The following is not a metaphor: Your concierge even traveled to Maine and experienced a life-altering workshop with photographer Elizabeth Opalenik at Maine Media Workshops. One of the photos from the workshop was chosen by Amy Arbus for an exhibition this fall at the Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. More on this very real story another day. As for the re-design, The Hotel will remain logo-less a little longer as the staff is in flux. A flamingo tried to insert itself into the corporate identity which caused, among other catastrophes, the window washer to move to England. Relatives are being interviewed for edification and staff positions.

waterStill Life: Inspired by Elizabeth Opalenik

 waterStill Waters, Maine


 Relatives Are Being Interviewed

All photos copyright of Patricia Christakos

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  1. So glad the hotel manager is back from other engagements and meanderings. I have missed you. I will look forward to further postings. Xxoo a fan



  2. I was so happy to see the notification in my email of a new post from you. Congratulations on the photo in the exhibit and I as always, I am loving your work. You capture powerful moments.


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