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The Caretaker

Doing by P. Christakos

My Laundry and I are going to Colorado!

Thrilled to have The Caretaker, (aka Day 112 of my self portrait series), selected for the Identity exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography this November. Barbara Tannenbaum, Curator of Photography at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, was the juror. Thank you to photographers Clare O’Neill and Catherine Just for encouraging me to share my photos. And to Catherine’s class, In Plain Sight, for whom this photo was created. I’ll write more on the photo, taken in Boca Grande, FL, as I was getting ready for paying customers, later. Sounds slightly scandalous. Wouldn’t that be an interesting tale for the Half Century Mark Hotel? More later on this! Thanks for stopping by. Oh, wait. Additional thanks to photographer Vivienne McMaster and my YAYOM Muses for getting me started on this self-portrait adventure. xoxox

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