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Desktop Inspiration

I keep some of my favorite photos by some of my favorite photographers next to my desk.

Left to right:

Julia Margaret Cameron

Rodney Smith

Julia Margaret Cameron’s Beatrice

Phillip Toledano: Introduced to me by Tampa photographer and teacher: Deb Schwedhelm. I’m taking her Breaking the Mold workshop this month.
and yes, I am represented here as well… 

That’s ‘Me’, far right! a photo I took for Vivienne McMaster’s class, You are Your Own Muse…fondly know as YAYOM. I will be taking Viv’s Swan Dive workshop next month.

Lots of name dropping going on here, I realize but I think it’s important to honor your teachers. Sounds like a good beginning for a future post. Also at the 1/2 century mark, if I don’t write stuff down, i tends to fly away… oops…[it] tends to fly away! Freudian slip perhaps showing my true add self?   

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