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Following the Light

Just two weeks to go in my YAYOM (You Are Your Own Muse ) workshop with the amazing photographer Vivienne McMaster.  Really, really don’t want the class to end. Vivienne and my fellow students/muses have been so inspiring; such talented, beautiful photographers. I feel so honored to have met them. I feel their presence everywhere I go.  Here is a bit of beach flora that reminded me of the eyelashes of one of my fellow students…the light was a double bonus. All Half Century Mark visitors will be encouraged to learn new things, follow the light, and make new friends. YAYOM!

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  1. thanks, Julie. That's it "Tawanda." I knew Ya-Yom reminded me of something, from somewhere. should have known one of my Muses would make the connection for me. thank you. ya-yom


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