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Tools for Transformation

The concierge staff is busy reviewing protocols and procedures at the hotel. Although we always aim to please, comfort and accommodate, we also endeavor to stretch and strengthen the wingspans of all our visitors, expanding whatever may need expanding, lightening up whatever may be holding them down.

We hope our friends depart with their hearts and minds more open, ready to mire through the muck of daily living. In order to do this we will equip each room with several Tools for Transformation, including music, poetry, art, crayons, paint, feathers, river rocks, angel wings, comfy pillows, and a page or two from a spiritual text. (All the spiritual works ever written can be found in the Hotel; however each guests might only have a page or two of text. Guests will need to travel from room to room and introduce themselves to their fellow travelers and search through their sock drawers in order to piece together the Answers to Life’s biggest questions. Kindles may be necessary.)

Please note: Tools for Transformation will also be available via 24 hour Room Service. Our Menu will change with the seasons; however, angel wings are not seasonal items and are available throughout the year. We are currently redesigning our fall menu. Please post your comments and suggestions for Transformational Tools here: Your opinions matter to us.

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