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Brene Brown (left) has joined forces with Mondo Beyondo founders, Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen (on right) for a very special course based on … Continue Reading VIP’s

If You Were Brave

What would you do if you were brave???????????? I would create an imaginary hotel and hired myself as concierge and chief photographer!

Bell Hops Needed

We have had staff challenges as of late. Bell hop positions are still open. Those with wings preferred. No phone calls, please.

Laughing at God

The entertainment committee is busy assembling a multi-talented coterie of artists and musicans for opening night. (as you might have guessed, all nights are opening night). Lissa and our other Pink friends over at the Owning Pink luxury resort asked their readers to … Continue Reading Laughing at God

The Big View

Been thinking about past lives…the hotel is full of them. {at one time there was a website that helped you with this. It is no longer in existence. Our apologies for the inconvenience. –Hotel Management, 2016 } I was a male … Continue Reading The Big View

Fruit Trees

There has been a request for fruit trees in each room of the hotel. Let it be so.