Helping Visitors Visualize the Hotel: A map would be nice. But as exploration and getting lost are so valued here, management is conflicted on the possible ramifications. Also ubiquitous map language, such as You are Here, remains a stumbling block. The HCHM would never be so bold as to judge where our guests are at any given moment in their respective journeys. Until we get it all sorted out–tenants are still jockeying for position, everyone wants the Palm Court–here is a list of our offerings.

Fine Dining at  Booked 


 Ladies’ Apparel and Power Slips at  Per Mission  blush-6918

Flowers and Poems at rose  Posies for Emily  Also available here.

Other establishments to be included soon:


Wings, rooftop saloon and internet cafe; Lovely Rita’s Tennis and Wellness Center; and Tis The Imagination Salon, hair and mind care plus waxing.

In other news, work on HCHM, The Musical is proceeding nicely.

And Miss Pink /For Stanley Kunitz remains behind the desk.

Miss Pink  Miss Pink (for Stanley Kunitz), ©P. Christakos, 2011