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Finding Wonderland

I am thrilled to announce that I will be having my first photography exhibition in September  with my dear friend and watercolor artist Ann Cross. Ann and I discovered awhile back that our work was taking on similar qualities. My street photography was somehow reminiscent of her darker abstracts; her seascapes were my abstract cedar trees. My self portraits were well…my self portraits. Over many cups of coffee and Ann’s ridiculously delicious tuna salad sandwiches that she cuts into perfect triangles, an exhibition scheme for the gallery at Cazenovia Public Library was launched. My working title for this show is Finding Wonderland. To me photography is a wondrous exploration of light and story, creativity and self-expression. I feel so fortunate for those  moments when I am able to fall down the rabbit hole and lose myself to my subject. And to be able to share these experiences with a friend and fellow artist is the most wonderful find of all.

Will keep you posted as to times and such as we draw nearer to show time. Here are some photos I may exhibit: get closer self portrait day 127 Me Holding Flowers

self portrait

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